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Moss mini candle in glass votive

Moss mini candle in glass votive

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In a hidden grove, moss emerges. An embodiment of nature's mystical embrace. Within its radiant glow, the essence of ancient forests and verdant mosses intertwine, casting a spell of tranquil enchantment. It is a fragrant symphony, where the earthy whispers of moss merge with the warm crackle of wooden wicks, creating a sensory journey into the heart of the wilderness.

Hand-poured soy wax candle decorated with moss foliage from Latvian forests. Handmade using only natural soy wax and moss fragrance, cotton wick, and a glass votive with a black lid.


Fragrance: Earthy, mossy with woody forest notes | Volume: 100ml | Dimensions: Ø 6cm x H 6,5cm | Burn time: 10h

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